Email and No Email

This is the last Fillet that’s being sent by email. After a four-hour-long discussion with Ishaan and Rishi in which they’ve explained to me what is sensible and what is not, I’ve decided to stop forcing the Fillets down your throats.

However, I will continue to write the Fillets, not only because it’s a much better way of relaxing than watching TV but also because of the cool stuff that they lead to (British cartoonists seeking my advice on Punjabi swear words, for instance).

If you liked the W-Fillets, then, you can continue to read them at

I will communicate with you through personal emails now. It might be some time before I start doing this full blast, as I’m still settling in at Patiala right now, but I will. Promise.

There’ll also be a slight hiatus in the Fillets for the same reason. But I’m going to continue to blog. Have no fears on that account.

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