Chaos Theory

What I’m driving at is that Providence seems to look after the chumps of this world; and, personally, I’m all for it.– PG Wodehouse

While this Fillet is late, better late than never, as the poet said. I forget which poet, but I’m sure a poet did say it. Right. Let’s get the extraneous bits out of the way.

About three weeks ago, Business Today held the all-India inter B-school competitive festival, Acumen 2003. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai was the B-school that won the business quiz.

One of the two guys on the LIBA team was my senior from school, Anahat. Hence the PG Wodehouse quote about chumps at the beginning of this post.

You see, Anahat is- or at any rate, was- a chump. In all kindness, one cannot call him anything else. While one can certainly appreciate his chumpitude and even enjoy it, one cannot deny it. After all, this is a guy whose previous claim to fame was running naked through Vasant Vihar with Joytan. Oh, and while he was involved in juvenile dramatics as the assistant director of the Class 9 play- The Importance of Being Earnest, starring Zubin and Sahil, he used to freak Zubin out by eating the plastic tubing in the auditorium chairs. Once the play was over, he would just eat Zubin’s ham sandwiches, which would annoy Zubin even more. Oh, and he once scored zero in a computer quiz, but had the whole auditorium in splits by replying “The EE stands for Exterminate Everybody, the rest is just a terminating character.” when asked “What is the significance of the phrase EEC369 in the game Quake?”.

You get my point. There was never a dull moment around Anahat. He would do fun, invigorating things. But, nevertheless, the things a chump would do.

Which is why Anahat’s recent accomplishment is so astounding. I mean, here is a confirmed chump going off and winning a national quiz. And he’s cleaned up, he has- the first prize is a full scholarship to Summer School at Middlesex.

Why do I mention this? Because it suddenly makes the PG Wodehouse quote at the top so much more relevant. And I approve of real life resembling a Wodehouse book, because that means a happy ending for everyone.

And that’s all I have to say.

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