Those were my exams and these are my plans

My last endsem is tomorrow, and that’s of a non-credit course. My state of mind right now is pretty much summed up by “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”.

My endsems have gone better than any of the other evaluations thus far in the semester. I sat down, girded my loins, and finally devoted time to something other than the CAT. Tomorrow, they’ll be over.

So here are my plans for the vacattion.

  1. Start studying for the CAT and the XAT again. I’ve got fifty more days now to study maths, and improving my quant score by about six marks could make me a lot more secure in the admissions process.
  2. Meet people. Friends and relatives. I realised this Diwali that I haven’t seen most of my extended family for ages, and winter should be a good time to remedy that.
  3. Movies! Kill Bill, Pirates of the Caribbean, and possibly Kal Ho Na Ho. Yes, it has Shah Rukh Khan, who is evil. But on the other hand, he dies before the interval. It should be the cinematic event of the decade.
  4. Get my driver’s license. I’m finally comfortable in a car, and after three years of renewing a learner’s, it’s finally time for me to give the test and get a permanent license. I only have until the thirty-first, so better do this quick.
  5. Update Project Sonali. I’ve neglected the programming of this site too long. Before the New Year, I should have RSS feeds and a digest for email in place. I’d also like to implement the cool crossreferencing Sacha has on her wiki. And she does it with plaintext files. Wow. Oh, and I should update my blogroll, too,
  6. Second Language- if there’s a weekend course for Spanish or German on offer at Inlingua which winds up by April, that would be a good thing to take.
  7. Transcription- I think I should do my bit for literature by transcribing a book for Project Gutenberg. I think Carry On, Jeeves is in the public domain, and untranscribed so far.

And that’s that.

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