Pork on an Industrial Scale

Via Instapundit, I found this Popular Mechanics story about a process to grow sheets of pork from stem cells.

You know where this is going to lead, don’t you? Eventually someone will figure out that if you can do it with pig cells, you can do it with human cells as well. And then we’re going to have our bright, Transmetropolitan-like future where cannibalism is chic and there are fast food chains dedicated to serving up choice cuts of human flesh.


On a more serious note, if this technology ever does get commercialised, it’ll be awesome. And not just for meat, but for vegetarian stuff as well. The concept of factory made flour or meat does sound disturbing, but the environmental advantages could be immense. Think of all the farm and ranch space you could turn over for forestry.

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  2. Reason magazine had something similar – developing technology for farming, so the spare lands can be reclaimed by the forest – thereby saving the environment. Let me dig

  3. Now this sounds very very interesting….

    But let us assume that this becomes commercially feasible…

    I am not sure if that would lead to all farm land converted to forest land – atleast in India .. rather, a lot of farm land, esp near big cities could end up being part of the “Exurbs/Suburbs/SEZs”…

    And extrapolating further, such a development could also end up in making real estate cheap.. Those who say that Real Estate is a 100% Safe investment which can never diminish in value can then go into hiding !!!

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