Why I Hate Children’s Theatre Groups

Because they are pretentious arseholes who take themselves too seriously.

Look at this.


I ask you, is it possible for anybody to look more earnest and meaningful and yet completely clueless without being a cow? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. What really gets my goat is this: Chilsag In Education.

Puke. Puke. Puke. And let me just say this:

Chilsag in Education! Yeah right! Ooh, we’re so good with kids! Ooh, we build self-confidence! Ooh, we help kids become expressive! Faak you! Your constant meddling is the cause of all suffering. If you left them alone, kids would become quizzers, and attain merit in this life, and be reincarnated as Aiyars. When you corral them into theatre, it’s the exact opposite. They become gay hippies in this life and regress to Bongs in the next.

(Note: Evam is an exception for two reasons: they are Sista’s juniors, and they have Karuna Amarnath)

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  1. dude
    “They become gay hippies in this life”
    this is one of the most awsome statements i have heard
    were u inspiried by cartmen by any chance;)

  2. Erm, someone was google-ing (if that’s even a word! hee hee) me up and they found this and thought it important to send it to me haha!
    Somehow this mention about me here, should I wonder why? 😉


  3. Or maybe i’ll just let myself be flattered (if that wasn’t a sarcastic comment anyway!!! :D) and let it be, but thanks! 😀

    More beers,

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