This Close to Being Semi-Mainstream

Pentagram asked fans to make a music video for their single Voice. They finally went with a montage of 26 different videos. One of the videos that they liked but didn’t use was Varun Agarwal’s anti-reservations video. Why is this important? Check out the video. Specifically, check out the frame 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the video.

Woah. I took that slightly blurry picture of Lady Hardinge Medical College students back in April, when I went and photographed one of the first reservations protest marches. Check it out.

LHMC shows up

Damn. I was this close to being in a Pentagram video. Well, not exactly being in a Pentagram video, but having my intellectual property in one. Oh well. Such is life.

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  1. a lot of template changing indeed. i was demoted from “friends and family” to “junta i know” 😛

    just curious, but how did you notice the image being used? did the video maker email you? or were you watching randomly and noticed?

  2. Pam, tell me about it. I went through fourteen templates before I found one that didn’t screw up photos, didn’t screw up Devanagari fonts, and didn’t screw up widget placement.

    Nub, this one still screws up on the size of the blogroll headings. Hence the demotion. Also, was watching randomly and noticed. I should mail the dude myself.

    Ravages: such, alas, is life.

  3. This isn’t perfect either. Overextended photo/video stuff blocks almost the entire right panel. (Does it help if I say not being able to see just the the recent post list/category list there is still better than not seeing the extremely extensive blog roll?)

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