Arising Out of Radio Indigo

  1. I’m suffering from an RJ Malavika overdose. She had taken over on The Big Breakfast last week because Sindhu was on vacation. So Malavika on my drive to work, and Malavika on the drive back home. I don’t know if she picks the music or the producer does, but if she does, then maybe the extra hours made the music suffer. There was nothing on either The Big Breakfast or The Big Couch I enjoyed since Monday.
  2. I wonder if Oasis wrote Champagne Supernova just to be one up on Tequila Sunrise.
  3. Faith Hill’s This Kiss contains the lyrics ‘It’s centrifugal motion/ It’s perpetual bliss’. Geek that I am, I couldn’t help wishing that it had been flipped about to ‘It’s perpetual motion/ It’s centrifugal bliss.’ I wonder what centrifugal bliss would be like.
  4. Radio Indigo has this show on Saturdays for louw songs only, and one hour of which is given over purely to requests. People kept calling in with messages for their exes like ‘Baby, I’m sorry. Come back and I’ll never break your heart again.’ Blech.
    I wonder if they have a commitment to run every request or message that comes in. It would be hilarious to dedicate Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter to someone on that. Or even better, break up with someone over the radio instead of asking them to come back.
    Oh, and Prarthna, who’s the RJ for that show, sounds – well, nowhere in the same class as Malavika to put it charitably. In facts she sounds like Geeli Giselle (a reference which only junta from my batch will understand, but then that’s probably the majority of the readership).
  5. The ads for the Pantaloons End-of-Season Sale are bad, bad, bad.

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