Fanboys in Mourning

RJ Malavika is getting married as I type this.

If it’s a KT wedding and not a Tam one, I suppose it’s not too late to pull a Benjamin Braddock. Except that I’m happily committed to the perfect girlfriend, and Hari the Kid is in Seattle. So it goes.

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  1. Aadisht,

    My deepest sympathies. I remember facing a similar situation in my school days when Cindy Crawford got married. That was around the time that ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Hai Sanam’ had released, so the sight of around 20 of us beating our breasts and crying ‘Tho Lut Gaye teri mohabbat mein’ wasn’t too odd.

    As a matter of interest, did you know that if you googlesearch ‘RJ Malavika’ your blog pops up in the first two results? And if you image search, the pic of your laundry is the first result?

    Evidently google thinks theres a positive pagerank between you, Malavika and your undies. There MUST be some symbolism here. And perhaps another blog post. 🙂


  2. Respect for the post. However Harithekid is basically spineless and would never put gatecrash on a wedding where he wasn’t meant to be at. Plus louw are in the air, as you yourself put across the other day!

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