Under the Influence

September 5, 2005

Dope’s effect on other people is hilarious.

Take the case of the bloke in the room opposite mine at hostel. To protect his privacy, I shall call him Sutta. Of late, he’s been on a health kick (again), and has substituted self-rolled joints for Red and White (again).

Sutta has dinner, rolls himself a joint, and then starts to watch FRIENDS. He has Season 8 on DivX, and the Best of Season 1 on VCD.

Three or four episodes (and joints) later, Sutta is senti. And not angst-ridden, oh-look-I’m-in-such-a-pathetic-situation senti, but a goofy romantic sentiness that is actually quite endearing.

First, Sutta complains that Jennifer Aniston looks ugly. Then he says that she used to look wonderful in the first two seasons of FRIENDS. Then he expounds further on that theme with great loquacity. (I don’t normally use bigg, bigg words like loquacity, but there are people who read the W-Fillets to improve their vocabulary, so I’ve bunged it in for their benefit).

If I (or Gutri, or Jhawar) manage to divert the conversation to something else, Sutta will then talk about how wonderful it is. And if it’s something he hates, he’ll find something related and say how wonderful that is.

One night Sutta went to sleep convinced that the syllabus of our course on Microprocessors was a good thing. For Sutta to find any course enjoyable, much less something as hardcore as Microprocessors is something remarkable, but what makes this incident merit a Fillet is that he woke up still convinced that Microprocessors is nice. Believe it or not, he’s started writing his own assembly programs in the lab. He’s now expecting a B in the course- his first B in three and a half years.

This opens up whole new vistas for marijuana advocacy. It’s not just for glaucoma any more- you can also use it to develop a positive attitude towards you course, your life, the universe, and everything.

All right, this sounds as harebrained as my idea of studying in Ireland to get an education to attract employers and to get and an accent to attract members of the opposite sex. That doesn’t mean I can’t think about it.