Structured Products in the PPT World

On my blog, I had recently written about the market for minus attendance, with the attendance in question being the attendance for company PPTs. I had written about the pricing of PPTs and how some juniors tried to undercut each other in order to make some quick money.

The last couple of days have seen some interesting structured products and barters coming into this market. For example, I have been able to buy a couple of -PPTs by paying madman aadisht in terms of blogposts. I write stupid posts like this one and get him to go for PPTs instead of me! Then, liquor has also entered the market. A friend of mine got a junior to go for him by paying him two swigs of some expensive beer. There is this other junior who takes payments only by way of cigarettes!

I had also mentioned in that blogpost that there doesn’t seem to be a concept of variable compensation here, compensation varying with the length of the PPT. Two of my friends struck one such contract a few hours ago. Rs. 200 (note the substantial increase) for the first 1 1/2 hours and Rs. 50 for every additional half hour! Unfortunately for the guy who bought the -PPT, the talk ended in half an hour!

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  1. Mukka says:

    Carrying on from what you’ve said, how about entering into forward contracts with junta to hedge against a barrage of PPTs sometime in the future? There’s tremendous potential for gains for PGP2s because of the information assymetry which fachchas have. I never imagined you’d get into situations where you’d have to attend 6 PPTs in a single day.

    So, if you had entered into some kinda futures contract with a fachcha in the beginning of term 3, you’d be hedging against such days at a predetermined price, which you can fix at say, 75/100 bucks a PPT, to protect yourself from supply constraints, like today, when most fachchas had their mid terms. If a fachcha/other party defaulted, the contract can be fixed such that he would pay the complete fine amount.

    Strong fundaes this term da!
    As you suggested, a PPT exchange would be a very cutting edge idea, befitting a B School like ours.:D

  2. Santosh says:

    For those who haven’t attended college lately, PPT – pre-placement talk.

  3. MadMan says:

    For example, I have been able to buy a couple of -PPTs by paying madman aadisht in terms of blogposts

    Please do not conflate the two of us. Aadisht and I are different.

  4. SKimpy says:

    just wanted to clarify that in the areas around Bilekahalli to the south of Bangalore, Aadisht is known as “madman”. don’t worry, i’ll refer to him as “madman aadisht” and to you as just “madman”!

    looks like you’re on track for a 4 this term! keep going. and yeah, i want to enhance the scope of the swap folder and make a full-fledged PPT exchange out of it.

  5. Dibyo says:

    Now that’s progress…..

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