IIMB Lingo??

As mentioned in the earlier post, a German female who came down to IITM for exchange decided to do her MA thesis on IITM lingo.

Was wondering how much of the IIMB lingo has actually come from IITM, and how much of it is original. Must start by mentioning that when i moved from IITM to IIMB 2 years back, I hardly had a problem adjusting to the new lingo. Most of the words seemed only too familiar, some of the new ones being:

– Global Origin unknown. However, commonly used across B school campuses
– Fraud Origin: from one of the northern IITs. I know for a fact it’s a commonly used word in IITK
– Poltu Again from one of the northern IITs
– Geela Think this was invented at IIMB. Talking about wetness around the center of gravity
– Hoosh Definitely invented at IIMB. All over the rest of the world, people call it ‘bumps’

During the course of the last two years I’ve been here, the following words/phrases have got added to the lexicon.
– Agreer I complete agree with you. Originates from a mail sent by our placement committee…
– Strong Credits must go to DD I guess. Definitely a strong word.
– Good Stuff Our President liked to use this phrase, so the locusts caught on to it and added it to the lexicon. Meaning and usage is identical to that of “peace” in IITM slang

Good stuff I must say. As for the rest of the Maajorly Shadymax Arbit Fundaes, they’ve all come from IITM Lingo!

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  1. DD might have popularised strong, but it originates from Rambo talking about strong learnings. That gumbal extended it to unmitigated, though.

  2. Dibyo says:

    Hoosh is certainly IIMB. I fact, we still called it bumps when I was there (back in the day, etc)

  3. Dibyo says:

    And good stuff used to mean GOOD STUFF back in the day. If you know what I mean.

  4. Kaps says:

    We used to call it bumps when we were there.

  5. SKimpy says:

    @dibyo and kaps
    wonder when this “hoosh” word got invented. Given that the batch of 2003 swears by “bumps” while the batch one year our senior (batch of 05) only says “hoosh”.

    interesting how such a complete transformation has happened over a period of just two years!

  6. Fart says that the 2005 batch invented it during their orientation week. Calling for bumps was too tiring so they just started yelling hoosh.

  7. Peegeekay says:

    And what about Homo-Fighter?

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