Eat Healthy, Think Better

This is not a Britannia ad. It is actually a post about Eating Healthier. Thinking Better, we shall see later.

Last week, I was sick. My lips were cracked and dry, I had a cold (and still do), and I had (oh agony of agonies!) constipation.

This week, I’m better. The cracked lips have been taken care of with grape flavoured lip wax. I still have the cold, but it’s not that bad. And the constipation is a fading memory. I attribute this to eating better.

Now, eating better does not refer to the amazing pineapple and jalapeno pizza I had on Sunday- that was eating well. Eating better means that right now, there are three bananas and quite a few carrots lying in my hostel room. My fibre requirements are met by the carrots and supplemented by the bananas. The bananas also provide me with vitamins, though at the moment I cannot recall which ones.

At twenty rupees for a dozen bananas, and ten rupees for a kilogram of carrots, this is an economical diet that I can keep up all through the exams until it gets too repetitive. Fourteen days shouldn’t be too much, though. And, as far as food processing goes, all I have to do is wash the carrots under the tap, and peel the bananas. In this respect, I am much better off than Sacha, whose adventures with microwave and sacuepan you can follow at

Did I mention I have exams coming up? Well, I do. Fear not, though, I will be home again in just over two weeks. Then, to quote Asim, I shall boogie, darnit.

Until then, toodles.

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