Dear Radio City,

I have taken Wimpy’s advice and started listening to your breakfast show on my drive to work. While Vasanthi is not as awesome as Indigo’s Malavika, there is no denying that she is very good indeed. Listening to her in the morning helps a corporate ho like myself face the numbing reality of his life one day at a time.

Considering your promos advertise Vasanthi rather than the music, you seem to have realised that she adds substantially higher brand value than the Bollywood songs (which all other stations have anyway) or the traffic report (likewise). So I fail to see why you don’t give her more airtime.

I first have to sit through five minutes of ads. Then you play a promo pitching Sunshine Girl Vasanthi. Then, to my utter annoyance, instead of hearing Sunshine Girl Vasanthi, I hear Deedar De or something equally useless. Followed by another song on the same lines. After fifteen minutes of ads and songs I don’t want to hear, Vasanthi gives a two minute traffic update or contest, after which the cycle repeats itself.

For the love of FSM, end this madness. I want to hear Sunshine Girl Vasanthi, not Bollywood songs. Please. Give her more airtime. Instead of going straight to the songs, let her speak for a while. And also please stop playing songs that are more suitable for a party in Patiala than for a morning commute. If you do this you can rest assured that I will switch permanently from Cindu and The Big Breakfast.



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  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen Malavika in person or not, but if you have, the odds of tuning out of her show in order to listen to someone else on a different radio station would be very low. She’s as cute as they can get, cuter than that, in fact!

  2. Hari, I haven’t seen her in person, but her photo is there on the Radio Indigo website. In the immortal words of Hobbes, she’s a cutie alright.

    In fact, just as Chuck Norris is the benchmark for badassery, Malavika should be the benchmark for cuteness. There should be RJ Malavika facts on the line of Chuck Norris facts.

    And I never tune out of her show anyway. On the 8 pm time slot, there’s nothing to match it. The problem only comes in the breakfast show, when I try to frantically juggle between Vasanthi’s presenting and Cindu’s playlist.

  3. don’t know how long you’ve been hearing Vasanthi, but this is how it turned out for me through four weeks of Big Breakfast or whatever the name of Vasanthi’s show is.

  4. I vote towards starting a Malavika fan-club. Total wholehearted agreement so far as making Malavika the Chuck Norris of cuteness is concerned.

    I saw her at Freedom Jam this year when she took the mic from me to introduce some band, and I was shameless enough to tell her to take over the MC job because the audience would love her more. I guess I went all radio ga-ga on her then. Funny how the brain stops working when cuteness is there to behold.

    Dammit, her indigo fm page is not opening!!! Maybe its because of too many hits on that page.

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