Dipping IQ

I’ve been practicing sample CATs. I’ve been consistently getting scores around the 80-85% mark- always half to two points short of ideal scores.

Though my scores will probably improve with more practice, this is a bit worrying, since I had been getting 90-95% in sample CATs and GREs I had given in first year, and that was without sitting down with a strategy and pencils and scratch paper- I would just go and give the exam. Evidently, my aptitude and IQ have actually decreased after two and a half years of university education.

Taking all factors into account, there are two theories to explain this- the first is that the more you specialise, the more your general intelligence and aptitude decrease. In other words, by the time you get a PhD, all you’ll be good for is the subject of your PhD. For everything else, such as tying your shoelaces, and inhaling oxygen, you’ll be dependent on other people.

The other theory is that stupidity is contagious, and I’ve been catching it ever since I started college. This theory is supported by the fact that many people in my batch are morons. And if that wasn’t enough, my university is sistuated in Punjab, that land of sardars- a nonhuman species whose members are capable of rupturing their appendices instead of breaking their bones when they fall off rikshas; and who would rather have chicken wings than drink wine off Yana Gupta’s legs.

Hence Proved….

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