This Was My Week and These Are My Plans

It’s been raining for two days now. The temperature has fallen, the air of Patiala smells fresh and clean, and my feet aren’t tanning any more. W00t!

As a point of fact, my life is quite wonderful these days. Here’s a quick runthrough of why.

I am almost assured of getting As in my two elective courses. I received my evaluated engineering drawing sheets today, and it looks like an A in that course might not be too far off either. That will be good for my CGPA. Chem, though, is another matter altogether, but there’s still the endsem in that. Plus, my Chem practical evaluations went pretty smoothly- three concurrent readings in three attempts, baby!

Only a drawing viva-voce tomorrow and an SPM quiz on Thursday. After that, I’m done with the semester (barring the minor inconvenience of endsem exams, of course).

The big news, though, is that I scored 114 out of 145 in the Career Launcher Diagnostic CAT. This is supposed to be an excellent score, according to them, I don’t know if they say that to everyone to boost their morale, or if it actually is a good score. But hearing so sure feels nice.

Arising from that, here’s the career/ life plan for the next two years.

I’m enrolling in Career Launcher’s two-month crash course for CAT preparation this week at the South Campus centre. It’ll begin on May 25. After the two months, there’s a series of thirty tests, to be followed by two months of Personality Development- read practice with Group Discussions and Interviews.

So here’s the answer to what some of you must be wondering- why an MBA, and not an MS.

Well, it’s what my family would like me to do. What’s more important, though, is that I have no desire to do an MS and specialise even further in Computer Science and Engineering.

What I love about CS, see, is the fundamentals- Discrete Maths, the Introduction to Programming, Basic Algorithms. Cool as specialisation is, I no longer feel any desire to get into a narrow area, and lose my focus on the fundamentals. Hence, an MBA, which is ultimately a generalist course covering the basics of everything.

So, the plan for Semester 7 is- prepare all out for the CAT, and don’t sit for placements unless someone immensely cool like Infosys comes to campus.

If the MBA plan doesn’t work out, try for campus placements in Semester 8- the final semester. If that works out, get a job of any sort, get a year or so of work experience, and then go for MBA entrances again and yes, the GRE also, if I feel like it.

If even that doesn’t work out, I’m doomed. So let’s not go into that.

For now, let’s focus on IIM-B.

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  1. noor says:

    hey aadisht
    well nice blog there!

    i hope u must be in a decent college rite now
    cud ya tell me bout cl centre ….south campus +the faculty
    thanks n take care

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