Nostalgia Bites

I’m on the last day of a five day break before my last endsem. In a couple of hours, I’m going to zip out of Delhi, reach Patiala, study through the night, give the exam tomorrow, and zip back into Delhi.

The past two or three days, I’ve been calling up almost my entire phonebook. More of my old friends are back in Delhi right now than ever before. It’s a delicious feeling.

In the past thirty-six hours, I’ve talked to Asim, Vedant, Rukhein, Deeksha, Shiven, Pranita, Nidhi, Arnab, Akshay Bhatla, Zubin, Shiv, and Rishi. Vedant, after four years, and Rukhein and Deeksha after almost three. There are even more people who weren’t at home or whose phones seem to be dead- Divyanshu and Charu. And there’s lots of numbers still to call.

I’m swimming in a sea of nostalgia, which to my mind is even more pleasurable than swimming in a sea of chocolate. (Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mannis.)

My self-conferred title- Keeper of the Memories is beginning to actually become relevant. In the conversations I’ve had the past two days, I’ve been having to remind people over and over of stuff they did. After about five minutes of prompting, Rukhein finally remembered the great day we had three years ago (Damn, it’s been so long!) where we went to Sagar and had dosas, after Mriduben got frustrated sitting on the bed while he gobbled up meat curry and paranthas. That was such a cool day.

I had to remind Rishi of the significance of NSCP and IP, and though Vedant remembered who I was, he had forgotten all about giving me and ShrutiG lifts in his Contessa at the peak of the monsoon.

Sigh. Everyone’s growing old. Hopefully they’re growing wiser too.

The next stage is to meet people- some of whom I haven’t met for even longer periods. I haven’t met Asim or Deeksha since first year, and Rukhein or Vedant since they passed out. I’ve already fixed up with Bhatla for some sort of plan for the 2nd of June, before he leaves for training.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a few more phone calls.

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