Mixed Feelings

Life is terrible.

Everybody’s going back to college abroad, and I haven’t been able to see them off. The weather is terrible in Patiala. The air is laden with moisture and hangs still over the ground. I desperately need a nailcutter and bathroom slippers.

I have to prepare two project reports in twentyfour hours. The deadline is 4 pm on Thursday. Each one is expected to be fifty to seventyfive pages long. Aargh.

My performance in the last FLT (Full length test- the sample CAT I give every Sunday for practice) was painful. The Quant section was terrible.

On the other hand, life is beautiful.

Everybody else in my batch has also been a lazy procrastinator, and they, too, have to prepare their report in twentyfour hours. We’re all in the same boat, which takes a little bit of the bite out.

There’s a holiday tomorrow for Janamashtami- so I actually have twentyfour hours to prepare the reports. Whee! Things are looking up.

I have money, and buying the nailcutter and bathroom slippers is hardly a ten minutes job.

Sure, everybody else is leaving or has left, but Vikram is back in Delhi. And he’s been promising to do ‘ek saal ki masti ek mahine mein’. The imagination boggles.

As for the FLT- even with a performance as disastrous as I thought, I’m still in the 99th percentile, and clearing the cutoffs. So there.

There’s always a silver lining. The trick is to appreciate it.

And yes, I will start writing something more interesting than status reports as soon as I have the time.

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