This is cheesy, but the blogosphere is full of cheese as it is. So, for the new year, here’s what I’m thankful for- in no particular order.

  • I am thankful that I started talking to my batchmates again.
  • … that I went through with two very major projects this year- CAT preparation and the Mod Quiz- without losing interest or quitting.
  • … that my dad isn’t as tense about business as he was halfway through 2003.
  • … that the summer of 2003 was mild, the monsoon of 2003 was well behaved, and that the winter of 2003 wasn’t foggy.
  • … that Shiv and Kunal have been accepted to Stanford and Harvard, that Manasvini is likely getting a job, that Rukhein has got a job at Salomon Smith Barney, that Ishaan has got an internship where he will- as Bhaiyya puts it- build bigger and better mammaries, that Mridu, Mallika, and Rabani have great jobs, and that Baldy, Ishaan, Asim, Meenakshi and many other people- too numerous to mention- are enjoying their stay at college so much.
  • … for the Matrix movies.
  • … for the Theory of Computation and the existence of language.
  • … that I no longer feel a sense of deprivation when I see other people with girlfriends.
  • … that I made new friends this year.
  • … for the British sense of humour, British accents and British swear words.
  • … for comic books.
  • … for the Biblio membership plan.
  • … that Project Gutenberg gives me books for free.
  • … for good food, including methi malai matar, catfish and salmon, cornflakes with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate that is not American, and Nutyumz.
  • … that has such an awesome PageRank at Google.
  • … for dimples.
  • … for my new MP3 player, and for good music.
  • … that the Fillet on British swear words led to a cartoonist contacting me, which led to me supplying Punjabi swear words for a British comic strip.
  • … that Delhi is becoming so much better to live in, and that India nowadays is like what England must have been when the Industrial Revolution kicked off.
  • … that I can finally drive, and that my driver’s license allows me to buy my own cellular connection.
  • … that I got to spend New Year’s Eve with seniors I admire and respect, some of whom I was seeing after more than five years.
  • … that those same seniors seem not to have changed at all.
  • … that this list ends here.

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