Those were my vacations and these are my plans

I’m suffering from a deranged sleep cycle. Couldn’t get to sleep until half past five this morning, after which I slept until ten to ten and missed my IT lab- again. Wonderful.

Sleep’s still trying to catch up with me, and I’m in no position to write on stuff I’d like to write on- relatives, rudeness, why Arundhati Roy is an idiot, my latest nostalgia attack, you know, that kind of stuff. So, to prevent writer’s block from building up, here’s a general update on what I’ve accomplished and what I plan to do.

Here’s the status report on my projects for the winter vacation:

  1. Study for the CAT and XAT: Accomplished. I’ve been studying quant, and I’ve raised my score in the practice tests by about six marks. As for the XAT, I gave it and the score should come through Any Day Now.
  2. Meet People: Partially accomplished. I did meet a lot of friends and relatives, but not all of them. On the other hand, I did have a fantastic New Year’s Eve with people I hadn’t met for over five years, so it’s almost all good.
  3. Movies: Unsuccessful. Did not watch Kill Bill. I did watch Munnabhai MBBS, though.
  4. Obtain driver’s license: Accomplished. I am now licensed to ki^H^Hdrive a light motor vehicle anywhere in India.
  5. Update Project Sonali: Abandoned. Out of sheer laziness. The new deadline is February 8. Features to be implemented- RSS feeds, email digests, drafts, and general bugfixes.
  6. Second Language: Unsuccessful. The only weekend course available is 7.3 kilorupees for a semester of German, and a semster is just not enough.
  7. Transcriptions: Unsuccessful. Everything I wanted to or could transcribe, Project Gutenberg already had. Phooey.

Now, here is the current situation of my life.

I have no job. My CGPA is not bad, but it’s not good either. Mediocre sums it up. My future therefore depends on my ability to successfully write my MBA entrance exams. The CAT is twenty seven days away, and who knows what might happen? Yes, my preparation is good. Yes, I can crack the CAT now. But yes, I am a pawn of fate.

There is one other avenue open to me- an adventurous, unconventional, and probably lunatic shot at off campus placement. Won’t go into details just yet.

So, here’s what I will do over the rest of the semester:

  • Really, really enjoy my courses. I have cool courses this semester. My CGPA isn’t going to rise spectacularly. So, I might as well study for the love of the course instead of for grades now.
  • Crack the CAT. Receive calls from IIM-A, B and C, as I resolved a year ago. Convert those calls. As long as there aren’t any excessively nasty surprises along the way, I can do it.
  • Read. My courseload is the lowest ever- I have a thirty hour week. In my free time, then, I should expolit Biblio and Project Gutenberg to the hilt. This semester, I start Shaespeare!
  • Learn to drive a motorcycle.
  • Stop being mean to ShrutiG.

That’s that. Let’s see how things work out.

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