Good Stuff! Good Stuff!

The last twenty-four hours have seen some brilliant blogposts going up on the web. I just love coincidences like these. Check out these posts:

Ravikiran and Jane Galt on the copper trading crisis.

Gaurav about the BPO industry’s detractors. On a related note, Business Standard Weekend lays the smack down on the VV Giri Institute of Labour report. Speaking of which, does anybody have a link to the complete report?

Marginal Revolution reports that the CME will soon start trading options and futures in real estate prices. Damn! I had this idea three weeks ago. Should have written it down then.

Also from MR, privatizing water supply improves infant mortality rates, especially for the poorest segment of the population. Analogous to mobile telephones- I know I need to stop giving allusions and have a full fledged post on that topic soon.

Finally, there’s Vikrum on how one of his students left Mumbai and returned to UP.

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