Somebody please help Skimpy out

He’s found what could be the love of his life, and lost her.

If you have any clue about who the attractive girl sitting in the second row of Chowdiah Memorial during the Landmark Quiz Bangalore finals was, please let me know immediately. This could be Wimpy’s last chance to escape the shackles of an arranged marriage.

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  1. Ninad says:

    Hey u frm IIMB , which batch? Me from there too…saw ur blog tagged from my buddy Anurag Jain’s website…

  2. Bj says:

    now that the whole incident is over,i believe u must apologise for that “shackles of arranged marriage” term….tsk tsk,et tu aadist…that was very bad on ur part…:)

    p.s:needless to say,arranged marriage rocks!…though iam no pro in the field!

  3. […] cute girl at the Bangalore Landmark Quiz 2005, and had blogged asking for her whereabouts. First Aadisht linked me. Then I got desilanched (there were a few desipundit regulars who would read my blog back then). And […]

  4. vikas jain says:


    You have mentioned that u know some independents chefs serving jain food in shanghai. Can u pl. give their contact details as I am going there and prefer jain food.


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