The Vegetarian Life

A guide to Singapore posted on the internal discussion group by our senior and former PlaceRep Jagmeet Piddu contains this immortal paragraph:

“Vegetarians: Since the Government wants Singapore to be the home to the superior individuals of this world, people at the bottom of the food chain are indirectly encouraged not to enter this paradise. Vegeterian stuff is strictly banned & all food must be cooked in chicken stock. Do not violate this law else you might find a 6 ft ‘rotan’ embellishing your bottom (much like Michael Fay for spray painting somebody else’s cars).”

Do I have great seniors or what?

Meanwhile, it turns out that dinosaurs in India used to be vegetarian.

And now they’re extinct. Am I the only one who sees a connection here?

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  1. Nitin says:

    I admit it is tough being a vegetarian in Singapore, but Jagmeet’s comments are more about sarcasm than substance.

    Unless you work and live in the boondocks, it is easy to find vegetarian and Indian vegetarian food a short walking distance away. It is tougher if you want an exclusively vegetarian restaurant, where no meat is cooked. But then, this is hardly peculiar to Singapore.

    Lack of food — of any cuisine any variety — is not an allegation that can reasonably levelled against Singapore.

  2. “Dinosaurs in India used to be vegetarian”.

    Pardon my French, but that’s a load of crap.

    I did a lil bit of research on this a while back, and found out there were enough Carnivorous Dinos in India – the Rajasaurus, Indosaurus and Indosuchus and a relatively lesser known “Dandakosaurus”.


    – Deepak

  3. Michael H. says:

    Many years ago, my wife and I visited Singapore for a day on our way to India. We had a wonderful day and we finished it by eating at a very nice (simple and inexpensive) Chinese Buddhist restaurant that was entirely vegetarian. I recall the name of the restaurant was “Happy Realm”. I wonder if it still exists.

  4. Nitin, I’m fully aware Piddu was being sarcastic. That’s what he does.

    Deepak, I’ve replied on your post. Thanks for the debunking. The interesting thing is that it was a load of crap- a fossilised dropping- that led to the discovery. The actual new discovery was that grass existed at that time, not that dinosaurs were vegetarian- there would have to be herbivores in the food chain.

    Michael, thanks for the information. I’ll pass it on to the vegetarians headed to Singapore.

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