Happy Birthday Madhu!

Madman, who pretends to be mild-mannered webhost Madhu Menon when he’s not wielding his eight eleven-inch knives and body-slamming people, turns thirty the age that shall not be named today.

If you’re in Bangalore, I suggest you celebrate his birthday by eating at his peerless South East Asian restaraunt, Shiok.

Madhu, in the absence of a birthday present and my hosting fees, this little bit of publicity for Shiok will have to do. Happy Birthday.

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  1. MadMan says:

    Ahem, first of all, my main chef knife is 11 inches long, so it’s longer than you think. 😉

    And secondly, don’t think this gets your hosting costs waived.

    I’m still puzzled where you got the “mild-mannered” part from.

  2. I said you pretended to be mild-mannered, not that you were.

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