No Best Title Contest

I must confess that I am taken aback by the adulation my blog title has received from so many quarters.

Because frankly, I always thought that the funda- leave alone the humour- of the title would be appreciated by very few people. Let’s face it, despite the delightful nature and versatility of IITM lingo, general junta doesn’t hold it in high regard. Those are the junta who’ve heard it, of course, so many people have not even had that privelege.

The adulation is all the more unexpected because I never planned to call the blog MSAF. My blog title used to be plain and simple aadisht dot net before I switched to WordPress. When I ran the setup and WordPress asked me for a title, I couldn’t think of a title. Of course, when you can’t think of anything sensible to fill in a text box, you fill it with Maajorly Shadymax Arbit Fundaes.

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