The Downside of Tull

Jethro Tull is the main act at Unmaad, IIM Bangalore’s cultural fest.

This does flip Unmaad into a league well above any other college festival- Euphoria or Parikrama just don’t compare to Tull. But it does have its downside.

The main downside is that the Tull show is soaking up sponsorship money like nobody’s business- seating, sound and security don’t come cheap, and the budget for prizes has been slashed by 4 lakh rupees.

What this means is that the Open Quiz, which I was conducting along with SKimpy and Kodhi will no longer have a first prize of thirty thousand rupees. It will instead have a prize of nine thousand rupees- still much better than what any other festival gives, but not the Landmark/ Odyssey killer we had fondly dreamt of. If you had decided to come to Unmaad based on my pitching of the prize money, I most humbly apologise, and can only promise to try and give you a quiz that is worth your ticket to Bangalore.

On the positive side of things, the events team has been highly apologetic, tried its darndest to bring in decent kind prizes, and have been refreshingly transparent about the whole thing. Amd when you’re doing something pathbreakingly different like getting an international band over, I suppose budget slippage is forgivable.

Finally, I know nine thousand isn’t as tempting as thirty thousand, but if you’re a quizzer do come to IIMB for our quiz. It’s on the fourth of February, and will feature questions we’ve been working on since July. There shall be no chimps, no peters and very little floyd.

Update: Prizes increased to 15000, 12000 and 9000!

6 Responses to The Downside of Tull

  1. Mukka says:

    I understand that bringing in Tull cost CulCom a lot, but such a huge slash for an Open Quiz is kinda disappointing, especially when the 30k prize money might have been the vital factor for computing RoI, especially for junta who are flying down. Maybe they should have scrapped a few Lit Events or even the college quiz. I should NOT have gone around during the last one month talking about the first prize money to people, but hey, that was the one thing that was going to position the Unmaad Open differently from other Opens.

  2. Rajat says:

    A 70% cut!!! Whew!!!

    It seems to be a general pattern everywhere – whenever there are any budget cuts to be made, quizzing comes first. But I suppose, in your case quite a few events would have been affected, considering the 4 lakh slash.

  3. Sarika says:

    What about people who’ve missed enough classes for other fests already!! 🙁 No online quizzes! 🙁

    I really really want to be there…. Damn these attendance requirements!

  4. Dibyo says:

    It’s a pity I’ll have to miss this due to previous travel arrangements, a REAL pity. Am actually quite sad now.

  5. Dilip D says:

    Dunno about you, but to me, the downside of Tull is that they are Dull. With a capital D.

  6. Gaurav says:

    If they take requests from the audience, could someone please ask them to perform ‘Main nashey mein TULLi ho gaya’

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