Guest Blogger: Found

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Maajorly Shadymax Arbit Fundaes’s new guest blogger: SKimpy (also known as Wimpy or the Wimp).

SKimpy is a former RSS member who has now given up his Hindutvawadi ways and taken up the multiple pursuits of promoting free markets, bashing I-banks, and cribbing about his love life. The sight of Wimpy in his red bandana has been known to strike terror into the hearts of swaps dealers from New York to Tokyo.

He will be here for about a month, until placements begin. He has promised not to post personal stuff out here, but has made no such guarantees about insulting I-bankers, B. Com graduates, or people from outside South Karnataka. Which is all good and keeping in spirit with our values.

I shall be paying him in PPT attendance.

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