How to get linked by India Uncut

Writing quality stuff won’t cut it. There’s already so much good stuff around, there’s no guarantee your stuff will be the one linked too. No, to get an Uncutlanche you must appeal to Amit Varma’s baser instincts. As I do below.

Cow Panorama

In Singapore, there are no real cows, presumably on the grounds that they are too unhygenic (this, after all, is a country where they shoot all the birds to solve the problem of guano on car windshields). But you still need cows. So they put plastic cows in the parks.

A Purple Cow

And joy of joys, one of these is the hitherto mythical Purple Cow. Well, at least it is pink with purple spots. Purple starbursts actually. But the principle holds.

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  1. Just me says:

    lol @ purple cow 🙂 Btw, have you read the book? Is it worth buying?

  2. Sharanya says:

    LOL.. I saw this AFTER Amit updated his post to include another Singapore cow pic I sent him! So you’re right — cow pics do hold a certain sway over him! 🙂

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