This, dear readers, is where the travel journal ends. As some of you may already know or have realised, I have actually been posting the journal entries from Delhi. Internet access in China was too unreliable to post anything of consequence there, and of course there was the haunting terror that I might post something that would run afoul of Chinese censors, and be thrown into a concentration camp.

I wrote the journal out in longhand in a notebook while I was in China, and have been copying the entries into WordPress since I returned. Here’s a photograph of the journal page that eventually became this post:

Travel Journal

And that is all where China is concerned. Maajorly Shadymax Arbit Fundaes will return to its regular programming shortly.

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  1. Just me says:

    Whats with the word count at the end of each paragraph? and what is the second number?

  2. iden-tity says:

    haven’t u heard.. handwriting is the mirror of ones character…
    a few things i learnt.. you dont make friends easily.. & your imagination sucks … 🙂

  3. Gaurav says:

    Give that camera a well-deserved break now.

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