The Deepak Chopra School of Thought

It runs like this:

  1. Quantum particles are conscious.
  2. Human beings are conscious.
  3. Thus, human beings can be treated like quantum particles.
  4. No statement of a quantum particle’s position is ever accurate, it it only a probabilistic guess.
  5. Therefore, no view held by a human being is ever right or wrong. Everyone is correct to some extent.

You don’t even need to marvel at the jump from Statement 4 to Statement 5. The process breaks down at Statement 3 itself. Just because all A is C, and all B is C, does not mean that all B is A.

Incidentally, even Statement 1 is a metaphor and does not imply that an electron has the sort of emergent consciousness that a human being has. If an electron is conscious, than so is a rubber band.

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  1. Just me says:

    Lol 🙂

  2. neha says:

    LOL! There – That sums up the crap on Intent Blog!

  3. Kaetie says:

    Hi, I just had an interesting week with Sri Shibendu Lahiri in UK. I blogged it here….
    You are welcome…

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