The More Things Change

What do you call a group of nations that squabble with each other, have a terrible rate of economic growth, and nothing much in common except a desire to band together to provide a counterweight to existing global superpowers? And that despite this utter lack of common ground between existing members, they actually want to add new members.

Depends. In the 1960s you’d have called it the Non-Aligned Movement. These days, you’d call it the European Union.

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  1. Hi ,
    I really wonder how can you say that eropean country has terrible rate of growth ?
    Perhaps you forgot that 5 of the most industrilized countries on earth are there .And they are saturated. So there rate can not
    be compared with that of with super laggard like and poor countries (SAD but true ) like China India or brazil ??? Try compare it
    with that of Japan . US economist jump with a joy for rate of growth which is 3-4 %. Though small the number seems it is half
    the size of Indian economy as whole . So Europe as whole considering its industriliazed saturation status is not growing slowly .
    Now lets come to co-operation part . Read the IMF refereces over how Europes industrilaized countires have catapulted laggards
    ( by european standard ) in to European locomotive for growth ( imagine for comparision with India as europe Bihar as laggard
    and think of the day when Bihar is helping India drive its growth .. ) Now did you get what is the co-operation ?

    Now about planning to add new members. It is not the European union as such is on high to add members. It is the other country
    like Turky which are desparate to do anything to be added to European union . Industrialized countries people like franc actually are
    oppsing intrgration into European economy because they know they will be subsidizing other Laggard. (Again laggard in terms of
    Eurpean standard as world standard )

    I do not know how on earth you can compare such a closely knit association with loosely connected nations of non-alignment .
    Where if even if one cuntry is attacked by some other country no one will do anything but to raise Harsh Voice in Embassies.
    (That sucks and you know it is true . )

    May the european Union leave and grow strong for Indian Union to take some lesson from it .

    Peace .


  2. sharath says:

    Completely agree with Ajeet.

    Mr. Khanna, your most was exactly that – arbit funda, global statements.

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