Mallus = Bongs

I have a longstanding hypothesis that Mallus are not actually South Indians, but Bongs who have migrated to South India.

Consider the similarities. Both communities make delicious fish. Both have a tendency to elect communists with mind numbing regularity. Both are soccer fanatics.

Still not convinced? Both of them speak languages which are completely unintelligible to other people. They both make and appreciate art films that nobody else understands. And both refuse to work while in their home states, but turn into exemplars of hard work and productivity when they migrate.

I’m not saying it has to be true, but some testing for genetic markers could help settle the question.

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  1. […] Aadisht lists down the similarities between Mallus and Bongs and suggests that Mallus could actually be Bongs who migrated to South India. On a related note, Shivaji Das feels that the Tamils are a bit like the Jews. […]

  2. Yeah, actually this is a common school of thought in Kerala, Oh No, not the migration theory, that there’s so much similarity.

    Fish, Marxism, Art Films & Literature.
    Basically society in both these states are bit more politically aware and well read.

    In fact this has even found mention in one mallu movie recently, though on a humorous note.

  3. DD says:

    Why cant it be the other way around? as in Bongs are actually Mallus who migrated to the East 🙂

  4. Sreejith says:

    Another point to consider… the female species of the mallu and bong kind are strikingly similar

  5. Mallu Boy in Paris says:

    That’s why Mallu boys love Bong girls !

  6. bombaylives says:

    some more things in common
    a. Mallus n Bongs smoke big time.
    b. Booze is not considered evil.
    c. Wives are more dominating
    d. The Adda or Vyanashala culture of intellectual mastrubation.



  7. Bengali not intellegible? Come on! Just deduct the accent and it’s actually Hindi.

    Some more similarities:

    They love to argue, especially on philosophical/political/metaphysical concepts

    They LOVE office politics

    They are very much given to community bonding

  8. Suyog says:

    LOL – must say very valid argument! Esp the language!

  9. Patrix says:

    Ref: to DD’s comment:

    Why cant it be the other way around? as in Bongs are actually Mallus who migrated to the East

    Typical Mallu sentiment 🙂

    • Kritish Sengupta says:

      Its true for my caste.As my ancestors were from the kerala region who setteled long ago in Bengal and adopted the language and even changed their title.

  10. Sukhpreet says:

    What happened to u these days aadisht u are supposed to be using “==” and “;” instead of “=” and “.” …

  11. Nirav says:

    Interesting… also, both communists… oops, sorry.. both communities give the strangest of names to their kids, which normal people wouldn’t even dream of…

  12. Rakesh says:

    thats a good one !!

    luckily there is no malludesh 🙂

  13. sunshine says:

    What about the dhoti wearing aspect and the fact that no mallu or bong would want to converse in any other language, not even hindi, even though you might not understand bengali or malayalam?

  14. Ravages says:

    Heck, I sent out a mail to my friends a year back on this (specifically, bongs and mallus in ad agencies – let me fish it out for ya)

    Another thing that the two share is rum.

  15. Machhi says:

    Actually some mallus are supposed to have originally been Nagas from the North East, so that could be the origin of the similarities.

  16. Same old Vine !!! says:

    How repetitive to see a couple of “normal and typical hindi” speaking people…(Who apparently find it hard to understand that the only language they know is not even popular in many other indian states) making ludicrous statements and calling every one else outside of their own clan as unintelligible and awarding many more such credentials

    After all you can not expect much from people who even call libraries names !!! and don’t have a taste to make and appreciate the so called “art movies…”

    Good going… !!!

  17. Shibu says:

    Here are some more similiarities,
    -Both the states are high on education level ( both claim to be 100% literate)
    -The women of both the states are blessed with luxuriant long and curly hair( usually, owing to the large intake of calcium in form of fish)
    – both Are predominantly rice eaters
    – During a normal conversation, the decibel levels achieived are preposterously high!!
    – (At the risk of generalising)Both culture shy away from any kind of physical confrontation in any form, thogh they are masters at verbal wars!!
    – The traditional atires are white in both the cultures!!

    These are some more similiarities that i could cough up, being a mallu myself and having lived all my life near Bengal.

  18. kERELA BANANA says:

    Malbarii Maluuu Malluuuuu dehen TATA TATA OIIIL, SAWI JIGJIG


  19. Dileep Sankar says:

    I feel it as a utter bakwas, Why don you compare with Goa, they are Football crazy, Fish liking etc etc……

  20. mazel says:

    hey I’m sure its a mallu who has written this………they are the dumb-est and ass licking creatures………fuck mallus…………………..they can all suck my cock……….Art films……???? ya I heard that 3 mallu’s won the nobel……???? HA HA

  21. rajsekaran says:

    both mallus and bong males booze and rest when the female of the house earns.(lion). whereas both the bongs and mallu ladies when they r out of their state to earn, do a partial oldest proffession as a parttime job……

  22. Shvet says:

    and the day will soon come when the bong ladies will be equated with the Nordics, unlike mallus, or any other lower ‘races’ in India Ooops.
    Difference No.1.

  23. biju says:

    I have always been in love with bengali girls. They are the attractive, smart and beautiful.

  24. biju says:

    But why do we mallu men fall in love with bong babes?

  25. Aryan says:

    ha ha ha true true

    both are ugly
    both are black
    both stink like shit

    their women are easy meat they spread their legs to anyone easily
    sexualy perverted

    both are hated by everyone else
    criminal races

    lowest races of india

    dishonest bastards

    in short bongs n mallus should be sent to concentration camps and killed en masse


  26. Jay says:

    Mallu guys are stinky little fags who like to shave their legs, wear skirts (lungi) and hold hands with other men as they skip down the street. Mallus are faggots!!!

  27. vijaylakshmi says:

    Bong women will love men of any race, caste or religion as long as he provides them with good life.

    That’s why you see 80% of Bong women marrying outside, almost all houses in India and the world too, will have a Bong female married into someone in their clan. Bong women consider it to be an honour for their womanhood to hook and marry men of other cultures. They feel vindicated. It’s like the church feeling vindicated when they convert someone.

    Bong women are also sexually liberated as compared to the ladies of the rest of India. A Bong woman will not think twice about fooling around with other men apart from their husbands.

    Even in offices, their main aim is not to do well in their jobs, but look around for an eligible bachelor and hook him. For this they will go to any extremes without shame.

  28. shantiramreddy says:

    Hey Vijaylakshmi – you seem to be very jealous about Bong women, Bong women are the most cultured and well educated as well as beautiful. What successful man would not want a wife like that. You seem to be filthy, ugly, uncultured and jealous. You may be very, very ugly and are venting your frustrations and despair on Bong women. Shame on you – go get a life you smelly, filthy, uncouth, ugly Vijaylakshmi or whoever you are. The reason men reject you is becuase you are a stinking low life bitch!

  29. akhiltalwar says:

    Aryan – You seem to come from a gutter- talking about women like that. Your punjabi mother and your sister must be like that –

    both are ugly
    both are black
    both stink like shit

    Aryan – your mother and sister are easy meat they spread their legs to anyone easily
    sexualy perverted

    both are hated by everyone else
    criminal filthy beings

    lowest races of india

    dishonest bastards

    in short both your mother and sister should be sent to concentration camps and killed en masse

  30. Aakash says:


    As if Tamil women are all sati savitri. Most are prostitutes in Chennai and states like Karnataka. No wonder Srilankans are showing a special interest in Tam faggots.


    North Indian (especially Punjabi) women are wh04res. Most end up in Bollywood after getting screwed by rich directors. Should be screwed and killed en masse.

  31. Such a foolish idea of some people. Let me tell there are so many fair ladies in kerala and also in bengal. And if you are talking about fair complexion in INDIA only in Jammu & Kashmir state people are all fair . But the other state in india there are so many coomplexion like fair,wheatish , dark etc. So no one have any right to say in this way , If some one is commenting is in a site at least they should know how to give comment specially when you are commenting about any women.

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