Agreeing with Annie

In what seems like a long time ago, young Annie Zaidi attracted all sorts of flack for saying that there is no such thing as merit- or at the very least, that exams don’t measure it properly. Of course, the conclusion you would draw from this would be to improve the examination system rather than start reservation, but we will leave that aside. Annie was attacked from first principals by disgruntled IITians who said that the JEE bloody well did measure merit.

But I have to agree with Annie. Received wisdom suggests that the IAS exam is much, much tougher than both the JEE and the CAT. The people who make it to the IAS are the cream of the cream. They are interviewed by twenty-four hour news channels and worshipped and feared by primitive and superstitious villagers (and also by quite rational city-dwellers). If there was ever an exam that filtered out merit, the IAS entrance is it.

But then all these meritorious IAS officers pull shit like banning Princess Kimberly. And you have to ask yourself, what the faak?

It’s true. There really is no merit. Let’s throw the IAS open to everyone.

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  1. Vivek Kumar says:

    Please do tell us the names or designations of IAS officers who have done this. I am anxious to know.

    {I re-read the line I typed above, and I think it might come across as sarcasm. Trust me, it is not. I have been trying to pin-point the people to blame for blocking blogs without much success. Your post sounds like you know. Please do tell us.}

  2. I think young Shivam Vij knows.

  3. Shivam Vij says:

    Why, is Young Aadisht Khanna too incompetent to do a Google search?

  4. Young Aadisht Khanna has only one hour of internet access a day, which he would rather spend on replying to mail.

  5. Shivam Vij says:

    Poor young Aadisht Khanna. One of these days Mommy will surely give him more internet allowance.

  6. Young Aadisht Khanna has only one hour of internet access because he spends the rest of his time at work. Unlike some Lucknow-bred twerps, he has a real job.

  7. Dreamer says:

    Balls and double balls to u, immature people.

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