Enough With the Globe

Okay, I’ve promised to mend my ways, write about stuff other than business, and write it better and cleaner, but coming down to brass tacks what exactly is there going to be on the new aadisht.net? Here’s what I can commit to:

  1. A greater exploration of spiritual issues. I’ll be talking about my relationship with the Gods and Goddess, and how it’s important to connect to them without the corrupting influence of religions.
  2. Posts about what it means to be a householder, and the joy and pain of running your own home. Along with increased Bangalore blogging, naturally.
  3. Posts which try to be funny, in the vein of my Blog Mela-winning scenario about the NDA cabinet getting high, or how the rest of India benefits from the IT industry taking off in Punjab. Considering the amount of Ennis I’ve been devouring, my humour may acquire scatological overtones. But you like that, don’t you?
  4. Posts which point out how lame Shivam is and how dumb Annie is. Yes, everyone knows it already. No, they haven’t done anything to me. But I’ve got to do something to let out the frustration of dealing with customers, bosses, and HR Managers (largely HR Managers, though), out somewhere, and it might as well be on them. Yes, it is a disproportionate response, but I’m sure it’s a sacrifice they’ll be willing to make.
  5. And because I’m not going to give up, posts on business/ economics/ libertarianism. But these will hopefully spark internecine civil war within the libertarian cartel, so they’ll still be entertaining.

Posts I’ll probably make, but don’t hold me to them:

  1. More photography: this might go up on another, deidcated blog, though- assuming I start taking enough photos to justify it. Imagine something like Haro Singapore, except with IITM/ IIMB lingo instead of Singlish.
  2. The latest NSSO surveys are finally coming out! I might finally revisit my ‘Six Eggs a Year’ blogpost.
  3. Book/ comic/ movie reviews, except that I’m planning to spend as much of my free time as possible at the gym and on Mandarin and Kannada lessons, and relegate passive media consumption to a lower priority. And besides, Sneha does it much better.
  4. But arising out of that, there might just be posts here in Kannada and Mandarin!

You have been warned. Stick around for what’s coming.

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  1. Ravages says:

    Shivam is mine, I tell you. Mine!

  2. Nandan says:

    HR managers? What are they up to now?

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