Betty Cooper

It occured to me that Betty Cooper was probably the most superfluous member of The Archies. Guitars? Check. Drums? Check. Keyboard? Um, not essential, but they can add something. But what unique rock-and-roll-music sound depends on a tambourine? The damn thing just goes shshshshshshshsnnnnding.

For that matter, I also wonder what I ever saw in Archie Comics. There was a time when I’d borrow two double digests a day from the neighbourhood lending library. These days, I wonder what I ever found funny about stories that didn’t even match up to the none-too-sophisticated humour level of the Kushwant Singh Joke Books.

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  1. Machhi says:

    Yup, for reasons unknown to me, Archie Comics were very popular in middle school. Another worthless fad back then was reading the Sweet Valley series of books (Sweet Valley Twins and Friends; Sweet Valley High etc.)…

  2. IdeaSmith says:

    I agree but I think Veronica Lodge was the real rockstar…and the stars need background dummies.

  3. IdeaSmith says:

    I agree but I think Veronica Lodge was the real rockstar and stars need background atmosphere y’know.

  4. Ki says:

    Move on 😉 She was worth the fantasy fodder.

  5. Ravages says:

    She’s blonde. And blondes are good, even if they are bad.

  6. Ki, Ravages: why were you settling for Betty Cooper when Cheryl Blossom were there?

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