HLL is an Evil Corporation

I always knew HLL was evil, but I didn’t realise the scale and magnitude until this week. Their assault on dark skin with Fair and Lovely always attracted attention, but a much greater sin has passed out of the spotlight for years now. There is not a single variant of Bru that is not blended with chicory.

The shock! The horror! The utter desecration of the legacy of Baba Budan! For the past fifty years, HLL has been poisoning coffee with this filth! And supposedly this is to drive costs down so that the middle class can afford it. Bullshit. This is just a naked attempt by an irresponsible corporation to market adulterated beverages to the poor. If they truly cared about the middle class they would sell 100% coffee at low cost. It’s their social responsibility after all.

I think we need to file a PIL against HLL. Or anyone else who adulterates coffee with chicory. If the Supreme Court throws it out, we shall follow in the footsteps of theothernilu and burn effigies.

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  1. Sai says:

    Stop crapping. U call it adulteration when the claim is 100% coffee and there is chicory in it. The pack clear;y stated the chicory content. Regarding availability of 100% coffee, yes, that is sth they can luk at. At affordable prices as social responsibility? CRAP AGAIN. This is a company to run a sustainable business, not an NGO aiming to provide affordable coffee to the masses. I strongly suggest u buy a coffee plantation and start donating 100% pure coffee to those who cant afford it.

  2. Also, HLL employees seem to be unable to grasp the concept of parody.

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