January 22, 2007

What the fuck is wrong people who spend a Sunday in Bangalore going to a Virat Hindu Samaj Utsav of all things. This, when they could be shopping. Or going to Lalbagh. Or even staying at home wanking. Eejits.

Odyssey are Weakmax

January 22, 2007

When I read that Odyssey had opened a store in Bangalore, I was wildly enthusiastic. I hoped that the competition would make Landmark Bangalore pull up its socks and bring its graphic novel section to the level of the Landmark Bombay store.
But it looks like there’s no chance of that. The book selection at Odyssey is even worse than the one at Crossword Indiranagar. And for this I went all the way to Jayanagar? Feh. I could have got the same selection at that mockery of a bookshop at Bangalore Central.

On the other hand, the graphic novel section at Landmark has improved, though only mildly. It now has Buddha, and Promethea, and a couple of Fables TPBs. And Death: The High Cost of Living. Which makes it very Alanis-Morissette-ironic that Gaurav is couriering it to me from the US.

theothernilu is a Goddess

January 20, 2007

Please to read.

I Am No Match For Realilty

January 20, 2007

It’s just twenty days into 2007, and already the I&B ministry has banned AXN, riots have broken out in Bangalore over Saddam Hussein’s hanging, and people are protesting about perceived racist insults to Shilpa Shetty. Why did I even bother writing this post? It just can’t compare to real life.

Social Ostracism

January 20, 2007

I have often wondered why AIDS NGOs constantly harp on the need to treat HIV positive people with respect and love, and make a big deal about them being ostracised and pushed to the margins of society.

Because to my mind, if you’re so stupid that you have unprotected sex with multiple partners, or share IV needles, or don’t bother to ensure clean blood for yourself, you damn well deserve to be ostracised. It’s hardly surprising that people don’t want to deal with someone who behaves irresponsibly.

I now realise, though, that this approach is not feasible for society at large for one simple reason: stupid people.

You see, I have enough basic intelligence and discriminative power to distinguish between a truck driver who contracted HIV through sleeping with every prostitute between Phagwara and Agra, and his wife who got it because she wasn’t exactly in a position to refuse sex. The truck driver should be ostracised and the wife should be accepted.

I can draw that distinction. But people by and large cannot. Seriously, they can’t. I mean, they’re so bloody stupid that they make a diplomatic incident out of Big Brother, for Eris’ sake. Rather than go through the frustrating effort of getting them to think for a change, it’s simpler to just indoctrinate them with the idea that it’s wrong to discriminate against HIV positive people.

And You Thought Himesh Was Bad

January 20, 2007

Sneha introduced me to Aaha Thamizhamma this week. It is now my Most Catchy Song Ever.

Saying that this song gets into your head is putting it mildly. Kitne Armaan-maan-maan gets into your head. A Quick One While He’s Away walks in uninvited. But Aaha Thamizhamma beats you unconscious, punches a hole through your skull, rips out your brain and takes up residence where your medulla oblongata used to be.

I Propose A Contest

January 19, 2007

…between the KTs and the Tams to see who gets more offended by Germaine Greer. The Tams, bless them, have already been insulted that Germaine Greer has elevated a mere Mangalorean to the master race. The contest can start properly once Mangaloreans get wild at Germaine Greer confusing one of them for people who couldn’t make a decent fish curry to save their life. We can keep score by seeing who burns more state transport buses. And if Crocodile Hunter fans want to join in, all the more fun.

Made Up Funda of the Day

January 19, 2007

This Tam kid once went to her grandma’s house. The grandma got her some food, but the kid didn’t like it and threw a tantrum. The kid’s mother scolded him, telling him not to disturb his grandmother. The kid then said something. There was a famous singer staying at the grandma’s house at the time. She heard what the kid said, got inspired, and wrote a song based on it which then became famous. What did the kid say?

Mallus Have a Sense of Humour

January 18, 2007

I suppose you need one if you’re getting married. I got this remarkable wedding invite as a forward (the wedding itself is long over, so nothing will come out of gatecrashing).

Mallu Yinvitation

You’ll need to click through to the flickr link to read it properly.

Farmers Paid More

January 18, 2007

Today’s Business Standard:

Punjab farmers’ incomes are expected to get a big push with the arrival of the corporate sector in retail.
The main factor in this is the demand created by the corporate houses for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will not only inflate farm income but will also help to contain the declining fertility of the soil and the water table in Punjab as the crops other than wheat and rice would become more profitable for the cultivators.

Now the scenario has been changing. Players like Subhiksha have started purchasing directly from the farmers.

Good stuff. And the fact that it happened before farmers there started commiting suicide is even better.