Botany and Anatomy

September 14, 2009

The Head:

Butterhead Lettuce

The Heart:


The Phallus:

Phallic Cactus

The Palin Family in Australia

September 24, 2008

So John McCain gets elected and to make up for all the allegations about lack of foreign policy experience, the first thing that Sarah Palin does is to go on a world tour meeting heads of state. And since she’s a hockey mom she takes all her kids along.

In Australia while Palin is meeting Kevin Rudd, her kids go around seeing all the famous sites. The guide takes them to Bradman’s house. While they are just outside it the paparazzi photograph her youngest daughter. What is the headline in the papers the next morning?

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The Turban Police

July 13, 2008

I want to start a blog dedicated to badly dressed sardars. And call it Go Pug Yourself.

This Pwns Vajpayee’s Knee Replacement

April 9, 2008

Reuters Headline: Pope aims to heal sex abuse wounds on U.S. trip.

More toilet humour: that story also features a quote from ‘the Vatican’s number two’.

Does Not Compute

February 5, 2008

(Cannot… resist… virgin… joke)

Mint comes up with a perplexing paragraph:

While this will be the first time Tata Teleservices will be partnering with a brand such as Virgin, Branson has already formed two similar alliances globally.

(emphasis mine)

So, it’s not Virgin’s first time, but it is Tata Teleservices’? I’m confused.

Preempting the Slimes

September 25, 2007

Kodhi messages in:

If Vodafone does a lot of outdoor advertising, can we say that it is painting the town red?

The Times of India will catch on to this as soon as it’s done masturbating over the Twenty20 win, and it will cease to be funny. But while that window of TOI-less opportunity exists, let the funda be posted here in all its glory.

Diplomacy is a Katana and a Smirk

September 4, 2007

The chickens could get Ambassador Sen’s head, and he might be sacked from government service. In that case, he would wander the earth, a diplomat without a country to serve. So would he then become Ronin Sen?

I Wish…

July 8, 2007

that Chase Manhattan had been acquired by Abbey National instead of JP Morgan. Then the merged entity could have been called Abbey Chase.

Visual Puns Are Good Too

February 7, 2007

Chilli in Mint:


Also, Chillie in Mint:

The real blame lies with every socialist government that amended the Constitution, infringing on property rights. And the answer lies in reinstating an individual’s fundamental right to private property—which was abolished in 1978—and restraining the government’s power of eminent domain.

Accounts Receivable Rock

February 6, 2007

Q) Which rock song is about a company that manages payments from it’s customers badly?

A) Join Together by The Who. Just look at the lyrics:

We don’t move in any ‘ticular direction,
And we don’t make no collections,