The Palin Family in Australia

So John McCain gets elected and to make up for all the allegations about lack of foreign policy experience, the first thing that Sarah Palin does is to go on a world tour meeting heads of state. And since she’s a hockey mom she takes all her kids along.

In Australia while Palin is meeting Kevin Rudd, her kids go around seeing all the famous sites. The guide takes them to Bradman’s house. While they are just outside it the paparazzi photograph her youngest daughter. What is the headline in the papers the next morning?

Piper at the Gates of Don

Yeah, I know this is as horrible as it gets but you should blame Skimpy who came up with it. Since he isn’t blogging himself because he has NED, I put it up here as a disservice to humanity.

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  1. skimpy says:

    cow. you are a cow. i had made such a nice pun and you proceed to destroy it.

    K to you.

  2. Monkee says:

    K to you, Madman. “Piper at the gates of Don” is so brilliant, I could have as well have come up with it myself.

  3. Praveen Gopal Krishnan says:


    I smell a maha multi-step connect between Kenneth Grahame and the Palin family. Piper’s elder sister is named ‘Willow’ and some googling informs me an animated version of TWITW was made in 1996 by…wait for it… Michael Palin!

    Of course, we just have to wait and see if Bristol names her kid ‘Mr. Toad’ – then we will know for sure. 🙂

  4. Monkee says:

    Along similar lines, Bono and his band come to the Indian sub continent on a peace brokering cum concert tour. As a gesture of solidarity, they decide to do a concert at the most famous spot in POK. What was this concert called?

    Copyright: Harithekid for this one.

  5. skimpy says:


    that was where it all started off. the whole idea for this post, and my twist, and madman’s retwist and all that.

  6. Aisha says:


    Ahem. Madwoman?

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