Request For Help

Back in December (to be specific, the last weekend of the Blossom’s book sale) there was this group that had set up sheets outside Mota Arcade on Brigade Road and were inviting people to express their thoughts by painting or writing on the sheets. They were also handing out bookmarks that talked about the lack of public spaces in Bangalore for artistic expression. The bookmark had the URL of their blog, but I’ve lost both the URL and the bookmark.

Does anybody know who these guys are, or what the blog address is? Please help. In the immortal words of Sushil Manohar Dogra, I will be very grateful for this act of kindness.

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  1. vin says:

    great that someone’s whipping up something on this front. i was pretty disappointed at this too esp cos someone told me bangalore was a city of gardens before i moved in. anyway, life’s better since i discovered the HAL grounds… not sure if tht’s “public” though… the guards are there but i’ve never asked them – just walk in n out like i owned the place…. 🙂

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