Must Stop Head From Exploding

When it comes to choosing between brands, I have two rules:

  1. Never buy anything made by an Indian state-owned enterprise (on a global scale, I make exceptions for Tsingtao and Absolut)
  2. Always buy anything endorsed by Preity Zinta

So when Preity Zinta starts plugging for BSNL, you can understand my dilemma [video link here]. Clearly, one rule or the other will have to be violated to resolve this dilemma and preserve my sanity. And considering I am a diehard Airtel loyalist, it will have to be Rule 2.

So Preity is out. I shall probably replace her with Vidya Balan, even if certain philistines think she doesn’t have enough facial expressions. To which I respond: the ones she does have are so nice. Is this chap looking for quantity or quality?

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