Cull the Kids Instead

Right. These days the BMP is klling stray dogs. This has a lot of animal lovers unhappy, leading to many anguished blogposts (two examples here and here). And inevitably these posts attract commentors who shrilly and hysterically go ‘But don’t you know that stray dogs are killing children? Are you more worried about dogs or children?’ Practically the only thing missing is the actual statement ‘Will someone please think of the children?

So I have the solution. After all I’m naturally brilliant. Rather than culling dogs, let the BMP cull kids who stray into public spaces instead.

This solution pleases everyone. Animal lovers will get to see Bangalore’s stray dogs gamboling wild and free. And with no kids on the streets, there will be no attacks on them by dogs either. And the BMP will surely kill the kids more humanely than it is killing the dogs.

Fewer children will also have beneficial downstream effects. To start with, it will reduce pressure on the strained and overburdened education system. Systematic culling will eventually attenuate the supply of students so much that there will no longer be a constraint in the number of university seats. Nobody will be tense about their board exams any more. With seats going free, reservations will also cease to be contentious. In fact, with no new generations to perpetuate it, the caste system itself will cease to exist.

And you thought that the Kansa Society was only about ensuring peace and quiet in restaurants and public transport. Piffle. Our agenda will transform the whole world into a paradise.

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  1. Amrit Hallan says:

    Hi Aadish.

    Thanks for linking to the past, but your sarcasm makes me, kind of sad. Whenever we talk of sensitivity — towards animals, plants and (even children) — we’re actually thinking of the children. Do you want our children to grow as cruel, dumb beings who are reduced to sub-human (I wouldn’t say animalistic because animals don’t kill without a reason, whether we can understand it or not) thinking the moment they cannot tackle a problem, or do you want them to grow into intelligent beings who respect theirs and others’ lives? Dumb people/species that go on killing senselessly can never survive long and evolution has ample proof of this.

    Dog population is a problem, and so is human population. You won’t cull children if a gang of teenagers starts killing and looting people. We all know we need a solution, but not a reckless one.

  2. Amrit Hallan says:

    Oops! I meant “post”, not “past” 🙂

  3. Amrit,

    of course we don’t want your children growing up to be cruel, dumb beings. That is why the Kansa Society wants to cull them now itself.

  4. Sabzi Mandi says:

    Amrit, dude, you don’t understand this kind of humour, do you?

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