It Should Be Straight Enough to Read

A month ago, Garuda’s mall escalators were advertising Levi’s straight jeans (they’ve switched to advertising Miss Lee Slim Jeans now). Anyhow the ads show a gay/ lesbian couple (must… resist… temptation… to… say… ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that.’) with the tagline ‘Not Everything is as Straight’.

The trouble is that when it came to sticking the ads onto the escalator bottoms, Garuda Mall didn’t do it straight. Here, these photos explain. This is the down escalator:

Straight Jeans - The Down Escalator

See, you just stand on the escalator and look at the ad as you go down.

But here’s the up escalator:

Straight Jeans - The Up Escalator

See, you’re turned away from the ad. The only way to see it is if you’re traveling on the escalator backwards. And even then you end up reading it from bottom to top.

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  1. Bj says:

    they prolly believe the ads are so catchy that ppl will bend backwards to read it…and if it’s a coupla women making out, am sure we will..:)

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