Vibrant Blood

Zer Vibrant Blood is zer Vibrant Life

Everybody already bitches that the Singaporean nanny state/ civil society is intrusive, undemocratic, and evil. A poster like this does nothing to contradict that. In fact it makes the Gahmen sound like a bunch of vampires from a B-grade horror flick: “Ah… zer blood… it is so young… so vibrant… so full of life.”

Now that I think about it, if the PAP was actually a coven of vampires, it would explain Singapore’s insanely high taxes on alcohol. They do not want people to drink… vine.

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  1. ballsy says:

    gives a whole new meaning to bloodsucking eh.

  2. Sabzi Mandi says:

    This blood… it vibrates?

  3. Dibyo says:

    dude, you better be careful posting such… you wouldn’t want to be ‘detained’ at the airport the next time, would you?

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