The Stuff Sports Movies Are Made Of

I’m off to Chennai tomorrow to compete in the Landmark Open Quiz. I’m going with Kodhi and Wimpy. We’re calling ourselves NED (No Enthu Da, for the uninitiated).

We will be up against formidable opposition. Most formidable of all will be our ex-teammate Swami the HT Commie’s current team, QED. And even without QED, enough brilliant teams from both Bangalore and Chennai to make life sticky.

However, we’re riding on a long shot – the God of Cliches, if he (or she) exists , is probably going to be on our side. Because, let’s face it, out of the contenders, none is as underdog and beaten in spirit as we are.

One of us hates his job and can’t think of where else to go. The other two don’t quite hate theirs’, but wouldn’t mind something more suited to their strengths, and which would give them more time to write. Also, in the past month, two have found out in unavoidable terms that they are The Other Man. And all three of us are going through teenage angst or a quarter life crisis.

So we shall go in as the team which has nothing to lose. And if the God of Cliches does his stuff, we will fight an agonizing battle to the last question, which we shall win on buzzer.

That’s the theory, anyway.

(On a serious note, I’ve been improving at Landmark ever since I started. Landmark Chennai 2004 – didn’t quali. Landmark Bangalore 2004 – just missed qualying. Landmark Bangalore 2005 – made it to the final 8. Landmark Pune 2007 – made it to the final 4. Hope are there.)

Update: The God of Cliches deserted us! We made it to the finals and then finished last. Bah.

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