Airport Road

I’m glad my Palio isn’t sentient. If it was, it would be miserable. The past week it’s been going to work at 30 kmph on Airport Road, and coming back even slower. It has me to blame for coming home early instead of being a good boy, going to the gym after work, and not coming home until Airport Road is empty.

The Palio just isn’t meant to crawl along Airport Road behind traffic. Autorickshaws, yes. They’re a natural for that sort of job. Indicas too. But the Palio is meant for better things. Like coming down the Airport Road flyover at 80 kmph while Radio Indigo plays ‘Hips don’t lie’ and shooting past an Accent with a ‘It’s not how you drive, it’s where you park’ bumper sticker. Actually, bub, it’s who overtakes you.

The problem with that is that the fast lane is almost never empty enough to overtake black Accents. Usually, it’s occupied by some wanker of an Indicab who’s going at 35 and refuses to move into the middle. Or worse, an Omni, which never accelerates, but manages to come to a dead halt in two seconds. Blast them.

So I need to cut down on the eating out even further, and start saving up for fuel for a road trip. Saturdays have finally been made holidays. The Palio deserves the Bangalore-Chennai highway after what it’s been going through.

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  1. sq says:

    Want to make your Palio happy? Take her out to the same Airport Road at 6 a.m. Yes, it’s an obscenely early time of day, but it’s all worth it when you zip down the road in less than 7 mins.
    Compare that to the 35-40 minutes it takes at rush hour and you have yourself a topic for small talk at business type lunches. 😛

  2. Januarybitch says:

    Yeah the traffic on Ring road/airport road pisses me off to no end. Thankfully i have a bike and so i can over take the dang car that is in the middle of the road, from either side – left or right, and scream in an anglicised Kannada “side’alle hogaya” heh heh.
    Saturday/sunday morning at 7 is the best for riding at 70.

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