Infinite Rampage!

Beatzo-san is conducting the Graphics Rampage comics and graphic novels quiz for the KQA this Sunday.

I’m very excited about this. For starters, I missed the original Graphics Rampage (in my defence, I was thulping calamansi juice in Singapore) back in December 2005. That Graphics Rampage is one of the watersheds in quizzing history. It was the quiz where Beatzo finally hit the sweet spot, and came up with a quiz that was accessible while at the same time not compromising on fundaes.

Also, as Beatzo-san’s pointed out in that post, he’s been away from quizzing (participating and mastering) for a while. Which makes this extra special – like a Western where the grizzled old sheriff is convinced into putting his boots back on and pulling out the old Colt .45. Such returns are epic.

I’ve already slimed Wimp and Baada for the day’s Open and the Vista Biz Quiz (I have a Mandarin class, need to iron my clothes, prepare the Open Quiz which I’m supposed to master in November, and go house hunting) but I’m sorely tempted to make it in the morning for Infinite Rampage. There is the minor problem that JK and Udupendra are teaming up, and will steamroller all opposition, but still. A Beatzo-mastered Graphics Rampage is worth seeing for itself.

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  1. Vinod says:

    Sigh… sounds so bloody exciting.. I don’t know squat about graphic novels and comics but reading beatzo’s blog is so exhilarating just because of that!! To see all these names and words pop out and realize you have absolutely no f%$^in idea what’s going on!! 🙂

    Would’ve loved to be there for this quiz!!

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