Why Hinduism Rocks

I had gone to the Sri Rangaswamy (or is it Sri Ranganathan?) temple at Srirangapatnam (Tipu Sultan’s capital near Mysore) with my family a couple of months ago. There was a a massive temple chariot outside. To give you an idea of how massive it is, look at how it towers over the Zen Estilo parked next to it:

Temple Chariot: Head On

Zoom in closer, and you can see that there has been carving done all across the chariot:

Temple Chariot: Long Shot

Such as this (Warning: extremely graphic and Not-Safe-For-Work photo follows after the fold):

How to Make Centaurs

I didn’t even notice this until I imported the photos into Picasa for post-processing. After which I had the mother of all double takes.

Anyway, this just goes to show how awesome our ancient culture is. The degenerate west can’t come up with anything like this. My only question is – why the hell hasn’t Amar Chitra Katha covered this yet? Our children need to know!

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  1. Ashish says:

    yes hinduism rocks. I have seen such carvings in temples in my area too. They were similar to the ones that you have posted. I found out that such carvings were done so that the children can get some information about sex .

  2. Namasthe: Even though erotic sculptures in a temple or in a public place are sickening, sex became a taboo in the world, only after Christianity and Islam made it so. Amazing it may sound, Old Testament [Holy Bible] discusses incest between Lot and his two daughters.

    In Hindu scriptures, sex is looked at as a “celebration of life.” Kamasutra of Sage Valsayana was actually intended for a young man to learn to the art of love making. Tantra scriptures depict sex to be extremely important in a person’s life.

  3. Raghav says:

    Good article…and without wanting to be too picky, the name of the temple is Sri Ranganatha Swamy Devasthana at Srirangapattana.

  4. Sai G says:

    Wow!!!!…. I ve never something like this ever .. ( in a place i mean.. ) .. WOW!!!
    Children need to know ? … We all need to know, that stuff like this exists ..

  5. Aadisht says:

    Ashish – this is why we need sex education in our schools. If we leave it to our temples to give information to children, they’ll end up putsing with horses.

  6. pitija says:

    Dear folks,

    As am I a hindu? told it is a truth that the two daughters had incest with their father, the fact is without his knowledge.
    This is not actually a part of the holy bible but a part of the book of genesis whose author is still a contraversy, no body knows its actuall author.Only the bible is said to be written without error by the authors with gods help…but this book has a lot of errors…there is a lot of difference between a incest picture in a book and a place of worship, when we speak about a it should be a and not b is smaller than a….hope you understood …..am i a hindu?

  7. Jambu says:

    yeah man,

    We should should be proud of this….aren’t we proud of teaching the world maths,trignometry,medicine, surgery and a lots….why feel ashamed of teaching them sex(actually we are the owners of kamasutra)…there is nothin wrong in it…..what our ancestors say is feeling happy is god with our mind soul and body in state of no where….which we feel in the climax of sex.

  8. Sujatha Rao says:

    Pitija, True Bible is a good book, but giving the impression it has nothing to do with “sex” is far from truth.

    Genesis is an important part of the Holy Bible. I have not seen any evenjalist or theologian proclaiming Genesis has nothing to do with Holy Bible. Apart from that referances to rape, incest, homosexuality etc, one can see other books of the Holy Bible. There is absoultely no point in mentioning them since any one can google them and find out if interested.

    Only thing one could say or write that Biblical authors tried to eradicate incest, homosexuality etc from the Jewish society.

    Jewish society since the days of Abraham had serious problems with incest, homosexuality, rape etc. That is the reason why Holy Bible have all kind of laws to stop people doing all those bad things. That is the reason why Moses taught “You shall not commit adultery” and ” You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. ”

    Sex is very important in a person’s life and it is every where and no religion or culture can give the impression that they are in control of sex.

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