A Crisis of Faith for the Devout

Jagadguru has insulted Thalaivar.

For His devotees, this is a crisis of faith. Now that He has mocked Thalaivar, should we abandon him also? Thalaivar has laid the foundations of morality for a generation. Can we abandon the prophet who provided us a moral compass until He appeared to show us the path Himself?

Mysterious are the ways of the Lord, who demeans His own prophet. And yet, this is a test for His bhakts. Just as He once commanded Yudhishtra to abandon his dog, and Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, so does He now expect us to spurn Thalaivar. At the last minute, he shall stay us, and show us the Truth. Unless, of course, we fall into the trap of free market fundamentalism.

Blessed is the Jagadguru!

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  1. Ravikiran says:

    You forget that He is the seal of prophets. Now that He is present to correct the errors of all the earlier prophets, it is imperative that to plug all orifices that might cause previous heresies to leak out.

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