Punjab is Oppressed Yet Again

I saw the first half of Jab We Met yesterday with my office team before leaving for the Landmark Quiz.

It is disgusting. All the characters pronounce ਬਠਿਂਡਾ (BaTthinDda) as ਭਟਿਂਡਾ (BbhaTtinda).

Such affronts to the great Punjabi nation cannot be tolerated. This is a systematic conspiracy by the Gujews who run Shree  Ashtavinayak Cine Vision to denigrate our language and reduce our glorious culture to a mere caricature. I call upon the Lashkar-e-Khalsa and the Jaish-e-Jatt to ransack all  theatres showing this horrible movie.

4 Responses to Punjab is Oppressed Yet Again

  1. Chan says:

    But you are Tam, no?

  2. Aadisht says:

    Punjabis and Tamizhans are natural allies. Both face a history of persecution from the Indhi-speaking imperialists from Allahabad and their lackeys in Gujewland.

  3. […] speaking sardars with token “tussis” and “mainus”. Jab We Met even had an entire ‘Punjabi’ family incapable of pronouncing Bhatinda the correct way. So Queen is a fairly genuine depiction of the Delhi Punjabi culture. And London […]

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