Improvements at the Margin

Remember how I had been looking for bins to store my unironed laundry in? I found them!

Laundry Bins!

Much joy. A mess of scattered clothes which was engulfing one side of my hall has now been transferred to the laundry bins. As you can see on close examination, there are separate bins for undergarmaments, socks, and everything else.

This still isn’t perfect. For starters, the ‘everything else’ pile is still too big. This makes searching for specific items of everything else difficult. However, there is an easy solution to this: more bins! Two more bins will allow further segregation into shirts, trousers, and t-shirts. Less mess for just a hundred and sixty rupees.

However, the unorganised laundry was only one mess. There is also this ferocious one still to be dealt with:

Newspapers and Chaos

What you see above is the final frontier: quasi-mattresses (I refuse to call anything without springs a real mattress), newspapers, polythene bags stuffed with assorted papers, flatmate’s suitcase, and flatmate’s travel bag. However, this can also be dealt with – starting with more bins!

Another bin for newspapers will reduce the mess even further, and make it easier for the maid to carry the newspapers out for raddi. The most obvious contributor to clutter will be taken care of. That still leaves me with the following issues to deal with:

  1. Quasi-mattresses. Solution: donate them to maid, who wants them anyway. In case Beta Manav (or anybody else for that matter) visits, bring in a sleeping bag, which takes up less space than these things when it isn’t in use.
  2. Polythene bags filled with documents. Solution: buy display and clip files. File the documents which are needed. Throw away the ones which aren’t.
  3. Flatmate’s travel bag. Solution: throw it away. He doesn’t seem to notice it anyway.
  4. Flatmate’s suitcase. Solution: substitute flatmate’s medicines with arsenic (this was the plot of at least two Agatha Christies), stuff body in the suitcase, and dispose of suitcase and corpse by throwing it into the Indiranagar sewer. This prevents further messes from accumulating as well.

It is through small, continuous improvements, that we better our quality of life.

0 Responses to Improvements at the Margin

  1. Pam says:

    Of course, the beauty that lines and lines of bins on the floor exude is beyond words. Perfect.

  2. Tarun Shetty says:

    I have the exact mattress in the same colour and state of decay. I get 2 hours of sleep on that thing.

  3. Beatzo says:

    This is horrendously close to what my room used to resemble until recently. Well, at least one corner of it.

    Polythene bags filled with documents: Throw them away. You will NEVER refer to them again. It’s easier doing mail/google searches and getting fresh printouts than searching old documents for something specific. And if they are technical stuff, they are already outdated. Hoo-ah!

    Quasi mattresses: Cover them with decent-looking sheets, they make for good quasi-futons to watch Japanese movies on.

    Flatmate’s suitcase/flatmate’s travel bag: Change flatmate.

  4. Manav says:

    Ooh! Underwear!

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